Friday, November 05, 2010

Show and Tell

two Fur Real Friends cats that T. got for her birthday this week (Julianna LOVED them and so I now know what to get her for Christmas.)

a tiny ceramic pirate bear that's "really special" from Walmart

a toy motorcycle that A. got for his birthday from his brother that's "very special" and "it's very special" and "it's very special" and "it's very special" ... "and that's it." (There were lots more "very special"s that began to get groans from the rest of the class which A. loved. And since he's so stinkin' cute, I let it go on for a while.)

a picture of "a lonely tree" on "a windy day" where "no people were there" and where "Jesus didn't want any houses built there" drawn by G. and "it's very special" (Of course it is.)

a brown purse that I. likes "really much" to carry her Zhu Zhu Pet, diary, camera, leaf, little box with a toy lady bug, pink marker, some "crystals" (rocks), little angel, pink fangs, two Littlest Pet Shop toys, silver cross, and heart necklace

"This is my DS that I really like that has two things that goes with it one is walk around the world and I didn't bring the other one and it goes in like this and guys pay attention and it's my favorite ds and this is the button that turns it on and this is the button that moves it and it's my favorite ds in the whole wide world and I'm going to be playing it every day for hours and hours until I'm a grandma and 'til I go up to heaven and it lost a little thing to it I lost it at the playground across my street and it's really cool and there's a "r" and a "l" those are buttons and this is the volume to turn it up and down and this turns it up and this turns it down."

*I have included links to some of today's show and tells just in case you're not up on what's "in" with the elementary crowd these days. You should also know about silly bands.


kathy said...

A. rode it into school this morning. i was amused.

Ada said...

Aidan is just now into the silly band things. He wanted to sleep in them and I had to draw the line there. I felt that maybe that was a little dangerous.

I want to get Abs a piggie teacup and a lalaloopsy doll but I just looked them up and they are spennnnnnndy. Dang.

kathy said...

yeah. that's "bandz". with a "Z". don't be so square, geesh.