Saturday, November 13, 2010


...about yesterday's post.

Jules was feverish. All day Thursday, all day Friday and into this morning. She is much better now. Back to her old self--playing, laughing and being silly.

Arrty and the boys are almost done building the fence around a new run for the dogs. We wanted them to be together this winter to be able to play in the snow and sleep in the same house for extra warmth. It's almost done. Just a few finishing touches to the gate. I am so happy about this fence. I can't even tell you.

Last night and today I attended a Project Wild class called "Wild About Turkeys." Who knew there was so much to learn about wild turkeys? Did you know that turkeys make 28 different sounds? And you thought it was just "gobble, gobble." I actually missed the early morning turkey hunting session today because I stayed home to make sure Jules was okay. (There were no turkeys harmed in the hunt. It was just with cameras and binoculars.) She ended up going to the second half of today's class with me. She was great. She whispered and did her puzzles and colored. It was a great class. I have some new great ideas for this month.

The leftovers comment comes in from last night's dinner. The Fish and Game Department fed us a full turkey dinner last night as part of our class. Kathy and I were counting up the number of turkey dinners we were going to have this month. At least 5 for me. But, we decided, at least we wouldn't have leftovers from this first one. Alas, Jamie (who rocks the Cabela's cafe) came into our class and offered the leftovers to whoever wanted them. We gave everyone a chance to claim them, but when they didn't, we did. What could we do? So I came home with a to-go box full of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, a roll, and even a little cup of gravy. Leftovers after all.

It's been a busy, fun, exhausting weekend. And I didn't even mention the tea party yet.

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kathy said...

small correction to the "no turkeys were harmed" comment. i took out 6 with a shotgun. but they were paper. and i wounded one in the butt with an arrow, but it was okay because i finished it off with my next shot. he didn't seem to mind, though. he was styrofoam.