Thursday, November 04, 2010

10 Things Thursday

10 things about this blog.

1. Today is my 4th blogiversary!
2. It's the first blogiversary that I didn't miss because I thought it was at the end of November.
3. I started this blog as a distraction from crazy, severe panic attacks.
4. It has been a lot of fun and even a blessing at times.
5. My family will often say things like, "You're going to blog about this, aren't you?" or "You should blog about that." or "Please don't blog that."
6. I blog in my head. Very few of those thoughts actually get posted.
7. I love comments on my blog. It makes me happy.
8. I sometimes get jealous when other people get tons of comments on their blogs and I don't. Lots of people read my blog. They are just quiet readers.
9. I know people because of this blog that I would never have known otherwise.
10. I hope that someday my kids will read my blog and know their mom better than they would have without it.

Today's thanksgiving thought:
I am thankful for the sunshine. It does a lot more for me than just the extra vitamin D.


Katrina said...

Happy Blogiversary! It was a happy day for me when you started your blog, because more Jen in the world can only be a good thing!

I will try to express my enjoyment of your blog more often in comments. Of course, no one can top Kathy. She tends to comment two or three times on each post! (She's the most prolific non-blogger I've ever seen...)

Ada said...

happy blogiversary sister christian.

I remember reading your blog at work when you first started and loving every minute of it. You are the reason I started blogging...thank you.

And...I love you.

kathy said...

four years ago? wow, we've been crazy a long time.

word verification: peressis, as in, "my class is so full of peressis that they're sucking out my soul."

Jill said...

Have a happy blog day! I was drawn to your blog because of the title. the tagline to my blog Life is Not Bubble Wrapped is : it's about grass stains and flutterbyes. Sometimes life stands still for the butterflies, and sometimes it is tough like grass stain, but it's always awesome. Through November I'm doing a 'cookie' post once a week. The thought is that if people do one batch a week and freeze them, then by the time they need them for kids' activities, church, potlucks or family gatherings, they'll have a variety to choose from and take, instead of just grabbing a package from the store. You get the 'feel good' feeling for the holidays without the mess that comes from trying to cram it all in when you're either done with work right before the holiday (I HATED that!) or trying to shoo kids out of the kitchen or keep them occupied for several hours at a time. This way, it's spread out over several weeks, you'll never be caught empty handed, and your kids might get a treat or two to slide into the holidays and not be so grabby once the holidays begin! Please feel free to join me, or just read along. I have a 2 year old and the last time I did nablopomo was the year I was pregnant with her!

Me~Kelly said...

i am one of the quiet readers. i will try to comment more often, but don't think that the absence of a comment means i am not enjoying every word :)