Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blessed Sunday

Over the past few days I have been blessed by spending time with my family. A lot of time. We watched movies, played games, and ate turkey and pumpkin pie. Most of the time has been restful. But there have been moments when the extended time together and close proximity to each other has been a little stressful. Like when the kids couldn't decide on which movie to watch. Or when Chewie kept accidentally shooting R2 during a serious game of Lego Star Wars on the Wii. But there have also been those moments like when my sweet daughter lay giggling with Adam as they snuggled together to watch a movie. And when Josh sat and held my hand for the longest time just to be close to me. And when the five of us laughed and played and loved each other. And there have been those moments when I just take a deep breath and smile. Those moments that I treasure in my heart. Those moments that happen and I'm not sure how I got here. To be this person who's been a wife for 18 years and a mommy for 11. But here I am. And it's a blessing.

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Ada said...

Sounds like a blessing to me. :)