Saturday, November 20, 2010

Catch Up

So I realized that I've not included thanksgiving thoughts for the last 8 days. I guess I forgot that I was supposed to be doing those each day. So here's 8 things I'm thankful for to catch up.

Hot chocolate--As hot drinks go, hot chocolate is tops. Followed by a good cup of Earl Grey tea as a close second.

A good pen--Preferably blue ink with a click top, not a cap. One that writes smoothly and doesn't smear. It gets bonus points if it's pretty.

Lists--Lists keep my life in order. Grocery lists, to-do lists, Christmas lists, lists of goals and books to read. Lists are good.

Fuzzy socks--I don't wear socks if I don't have to, but a comfy pair of fuzzy socks on a cold day is nice.

Silence--Silence is not a common occurrence in my life. There are very few moments when it's even a possibility. But that makes me appreciate it all the more when it does happen. I take a deep breath and enjoy every second.

Finishing a project--Is there any better feeling than completing a big project? Being able to stand back and look at what I've done and know it's finished creates such a feeling of relief and sense of accomplishment.

Cameras--I love to capture the moments of my life on film...or disk. And I have such cute subjects to photograph.

And today's thanksgiving thought:

I am thankful for the coming week. 2 days of school with one being a day of celebration and then 5 glorious days to read and snuggle and watch movies and eat turkey and be thankful.

1 comment:

Ada said...

hot chocolate with vanilla is the best. THE BEST!

I love a good pen not cap.

Ooooh, I love myself a list too. I need a list of the lists I have. Is it possible we are listaholics?

I'm a slipper girl...not socks.

Silence? What's that? Have you met my husband or my son or my daughter or me for that matter? :)

I feel like my projects are never ending. Or ever evolving. I'm making some cream puffs today...that will be a finished project. And by finished I mean made, stuffed and eaten. Ahhh, finisimo.

I would love your camera. Can you put my name on it like we do at mom and dads?