Friday, November 26, 2010

White Friday

I am heretofore declaring the Friday after Thanksgiving as "White Friday." The complete opposite of "Black Friday." If you are one of those people who goes out at 4am to shop on this Friday, I hold no ill will against you. I do, however, think you're a little crazy. I looked at the ads yesterday and saw exactly 3 things I would have bought had I gone shopping today. And one of those I can get tomorrow when we go into town for Thanksgiving Dinner #5. So even though my Christmas budget is very strict this year, saving $10 was not in the least bit worth braving the weather and the crowds.

Now on to "White Friday." Here's what I'm going to do to celebrate.

1. Cook a turkey since we ate at mom and dad's yesterday. I love leftovers and so I will cook Thanksgiving dinner at our house today. (#4, by the way.)
2. Watch movies and eat popcorn and drink soda. Any movie is fine. Whatever we can all agree on.
3. Read. I am at the moment reading a book of short stories by O. Henry. And Emma by Jane Austin. (Yes, I sometimes read more than one book at a time.)
4. Work on my Christmas list. It's already started, but I now have a few handmade gift ideas to add. (I love our family's new tradition of handmade gifts.)
5. Organize gifts I've already bought. Mostly stuff for the kids and stocking stuffers.
6. Fill out my Mitzvah calendar while enjoying the perfect cup of Earl Grey.
7. Take pictures of the kids playing outside in the snow. It will hopefully be warm enough today.
8. Hem Adam's snow pants. (Probably before #7 occurs.)
9. Decidedly NOT go shopping.

So basically, "White Friday" is a day to relax. A day to only do things I want to do. A day to spend at home surrounded by the ones I love. It's the very best kind of day.


Me~Kelly said...

i love your idea of white friday. i avoid the shopping and i avoid downtown. so i did some online shopping and we are going to watch a movie too.
i have turkey hangover and staying in is my cure :)

Ada said...

I did it!
I left the house at 3:07am.
Stopped at 4 stores.
Was home by 6:04.
Back in bed by 6:20am.
Woke back up at 8:40 with Adam and Abby who never even knew I was gone.

It was invigorating. It was funny. It was CRAZY!!!!
I'm soooooo going next year.

Ada said...

Whatwhowherewhen is O Henry?
Isn't that a candy bar?

I'm so confused.

Jen said...

Ada, O. Henry wrote The Gift of the Magi. You know. The story about the girl who sells her hair to buy her husband a watch chain and he sells his watch to buy her tortoise shell hair combs. All of his stories have some kind of twist at the end.

Ada said...

No, I do not know that.
And I think it is super sad.
I don't think that is a "twist".
I think it is a tragedy.

Too bad our gifts are seems you need a new book. :)