Monday, November 15, 2010

Report Cards

Doing report cards for kindergartners is hard. It's very subjective. There are no number grades at this point. Actually there are very few number grades the whole year. So I sit down with each student with a list of what I've taught so far and see what they know. Sometimes they know it all. Sometimes they struggle. But that's okay. This is kindergarten. We are just learning to learn.

Tonight I will fill out report cards based on my evaluations and the written work we've done. I'll see where my students are excelling and I'll see what we need to work on. Then on Friday I'll share that information with their parents at conferences and we'll continue on our journey.

And I'll write 9 times in the comments, "A pleasure to have in class." Just kidding. I'll only be writing that 8 times.

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