Thursday, June 23, 2011

10 Things Thursday

10 things about the kids' dentist visit yesterday.

1. They all have beautiful, straight, strong teeth. Yeah!
2. They have all gotten (and lost) teeth earlier than typical.
3. Adam has to go back for 4 sealants on new teeth that he's gotten in the last 6 months.
4. Josh needs 2 sealants and a tiny filling (which did not make him happy). The dentist wasn't sure how he even got the cavity they found, but it's there nonetheless. Not even big enough to require anesthesia.
5. Julianna didn't want to show off her teeth. She gets extremely shy around doctors and dentists. They did finally get a peek and were happy with what they saw.
6. She did, however, love the sunglasses they put on her and chose some similar ones from the treasure box after her visit.
7. Josh chose a sticky hand (which Arrty hates).
8. Adam chose a whoopee cushion (which I hate).
9. They all got new toothbrushes and Julianna therefore brushed both willingly and for a lot longer than usual last night. I guess she just needed a pink toothbrush with monkeys on it.
10. I am grateful that my children have access to health and dental care and that we have insurance to cover it.

1 comment:

Ada said...

We are a family of sealants.

Abby took two toys last time and they didn't look at her teeth at all. Um...sorry about that Caroline!

And you should've got me a toothbrush. Last time I was there I forgot mine. Dang it.