Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Last 12 Days

Since Julianna's birthday on June 2nd, our life has been crazy busy with birthday celebrations and end of school year stuff. Here's what's happened over the last 12 days.

June 2nd--We took Jules to her birthday dinner. She wanted hot dogs. So we went to DQ and had dinner and sundaes for dessert. DQ is not my idea of a special birthday meal, but then again I'm not 3.
June 3rd--I began birthday party preparations for the big party on Sunday.
June 4th--More cleaning and cooking plus some last minute shopping for the party.
June 5th--Church in the morning and then the party after. It was great fun with lots of friends plus cake, ice cream, and presents of course. We had a very happy 3 year old.
June 6th--Doctor's appointment in Spokane in the morning, work the afternoon, Bible study at our house that night.
June 7th--Kindergarten graduation. They are so very cute in their little caps with their bright smiles. It was wonderful and exhausting.
June 8th--Kindergarten movie day. I've finally decided once and for all that most, almost all, kindergartners cannot sit through a full length movie. No matter how much popcorn you provide.
June 9th--Last day of school and awards ceremony. Lunch with my coworkers. Dinner and first summer theater show (The Wizard of Oz) with the girls...and Marci and my Joshes. (My Josh loved the play. Lots of action and special effects. He wants to go again and doesn't quite believe me when I tell him that there aren't pyrotechnics and people flying around the stage in every show.)
June 10th--To school for some cleaning up--with a few yard sale stops on the way. Where I happened to run into my mom and sister. (Surprise, surprise.) Then lunch with them and my dad at Olive Garden. Then I finally made it to school for a few hours. Then shopping with Julianna to spend a Borders gift card she got for her birthday. She chose a princess book with little figures to play with and a stuffed dog. Then we went to the park that she spotted on our yard sale trail and would not forget about. She had such a great time sliding and climbing and running. She also met a new friend. They hit it off right away and played together for the longest time. It was interesting watching Jules at the park. The boys always had each other and never had to make friends with strangers. (The boys spent this day with their daddy in the woods. They had a great day, too.)
June 11th--BOOK DAY! The Book Man's sale first thing in the morning and then the Scholastic Book Warehouse after that. We of course found lots of treasures and books we couldn't live without, but the highlight of the morning was when Kathy stuffed $433 worth of books into our little "build-a-box." We paid $24.95 for that box. She is a master at the "build-a-box" puzzle. After we got back to town, Adam and I went to see The Wizard of Oz with my sister and nephew. So I got to see it twice. It was just as good the second time. And Adam loved it as much as his brother had. Aidan liked it, too, but said it would be better if there wasn't so much singing. :)
June 12th--Church, lunch, nap, ice cream. Ahhh.
June 13th--First official day of summer vacation. We spent the whole day at home. The kids playing and watching movies since it rained. And me cleaning and doing laundry. Then we had Bible study.
Today--My first day of Camp Cougar, our summer program at school. I will be working Tuesdays and Thursdays. Today I cared for 10 kids not counting my own. It went well, but after all my years of teaching, I'm pretty much undauntable when it comes to a room full of kids.

Maybe, just maybe, things will slow down now. A girl can hope.

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Ada said...

good gracious, if they don't you will be dead by july. hahahaaaa

thanks for not telling everyone I fell asleep during the wiz.