Thursday, August 04, 2011

10 Things Thursday

10 things about August.

1. It's here. Why does summer get shorter and shorter every year?
2. It's busy. Our calendar has very few empty boxes.
3. They boys will be going to camp. For a week. Without me.
4. Our last summer theater show is the 11th. It's The Sound of Music. I can hardly wait. And since I'm in charge of the tickets, I'm putting myself next to Katrina because I know she'll sing along and that means I can, too.
5. The county fair starts the 24th. We like to go at least one day although we mostly boycotted last year because they were allowing beer all over the fair grounds instead of limiting it to one area. And it's soooo crowded these days. We'll see what we decide to do this year.
6. We will have a new member of the family. My new nephew who I can't wait to meet will be born in a few short weeks. Well, short for me, not for his mommy. He will raise our family dinner attendance to an even dozen.
7. We just finished Bible Sports Camp at church. I came to the realization while chasing 23 four year olds around and trying to get them to sit still for 5 seconds that I am a willing servant, but not a cheerful servant. I have to work on that.
8. I took the kids to the beach for the first time this year yesterday. They had so much fun and despite the sunburn on my right shoulder, so did I. I hope we can fit in a few more beach days this month. (Apparently spray sunscreen only works where you actually spray it.)
9. There are still a few things left on our "summer to do" list. The ones we hope to get to are garnet digging, a Spokane Indians baseball game, and at least one outdoor concert (for me).
10. The last week of August will be time to get ready for school. Do not remind me that we only have 32 days left of summer.


Alyson said...

I was watching Julianna when the cheerleaders performed and I think she has a future in cheerleading. So cute!!!

I also found myself as a willing but not-so-cheerful servant. I was getting frustrated when the middle-level kids had no idea what "stand on the line" or "line up" meant. REALLY!?

Ada said...

1. this summer is totally my fault...God blessed me with cool days which blessed ya'll with a semi cool Ada. :)

3. I could not be happier. I mean it. I loooooved camp. Good times.

6. 21 days. I think he might be the handsomest yet.

8. I dropped Aid off this morning to fish with Dad and it made me glad I had a pool in the backyard. hahahaaaa

10. Just don't talk about it & maybe it won't be real.