Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Call

Josh called me yesterday from camp. I had been waiting since Sunday to receive "the call." You know. The one where he says, "Mom, come and get me. I miss you so much I can't stand it. I can't eat or sleep or have any fun because you're not here. Please rescue me." And yesterday evening the call came in. Only it went a little something like this:

Me: Hello.
Josh: Hi, Mom.
Me: Hi, Josh! How are you?
Josh: Great! Sorry I didn't call you sooner. I was going to call you yesterday after breakfast but I forgot. Sorry.
Me: That's okay. Are you having fun?
Josh: Yeah! Lots! I know all the counselors and junior counselors already and there's lots of fun activities. And we don't even need canteen money because they give us snacks and pop everyday at free time. And the food is really good.
Me: How's your brother doing?
Josh: Good. He's out playing basketball right now. He's in a cabin with Nate and Jacob and Grant. He's having fun, too.
Me: So, are you ready for me to come up and get you?
Josh: Ummm, no.
Me: Are you staying warm at night? Did you take enough clothes?
Josh: Oh, yeah. I'm fine.
Me: Okay. So you're sure you don't want me to come get you?
Josh: Yep, I'm sure.

You can't blame me for trying.

After a few more assurances and "I love yous" and "byes" we hung up. I was smiling. Even though half my heart is 3 hours away. My boys are growing and making memories. For 10 and almost 12 years they've been doing that with me. Now it's time for them to do it without me sometimes. But just sometimes...a very limited sometimes. Because little do they know that when they get back on Saturday they will not be allowed out of my sight for at least a month...maybe two.


Allison said...

You may already know this but....Don't be surprised if they are cranky and tired when the get home Saturday! Also don't be surprised if they get more cranky and tired as you try to learn more about their experience. Of course your kids are great so this all may not happen but if it does, offer them something to eat and send them to take a nap. They should be better after that! I really really do wish I were at camp with your boys! I know they are having a blast and doing great!

Alyson said...

I love it! The want to talk to mom, with the slight guilt of not calling earlier, accompanied by the half-distracted conversation because they're having SO MUCH FUN they don't want to stop. :) Camp is always such a great time for fun and friends and spiritual growth. I'm glad they were able to go!

Ada said...

I'm still in shock that the canteen is free. Whaaaat?

I told you!!It is so fun.

Jen said...

Alyson, thanks for the heads up. I was figuring that they'd come back tired and they are grouchy when they're tired. I have no idea where they get that. :)

Alyson, he was distracted. But at least he called, right?

Ada, I sent money with them. I hope I get it back. Wish me luck on that.

Anonymous said...

left my son at camp yesterday-it's called the u of i.left behind a certificate signed by mrs. rude. it's because of teachers like her that he's there. THANK YOU! jordan

Jen said...

Jordan, first of all, that makes me feel really OLD. :) Secondly, I'm always so proud of my students when I find out their successes. And thirdly, thank you for appreciating your children's teachers. It means so much to me and all teachers.