Sunday, August 21, 2011

Blessed Sunday

So, so, so many blessings to count today.

1. My sweet husband has spent two whole days helping me prep and paint my classroom walls. And he does such a good job. Way better than I would have done by myself. And now he is planning to paint the ceiling, too! How great is he?!

2. The boys are back from camp. Phew. We all made it through the week in one piece. They came back with stories to tell and memories made. (And one of them came back wearing "friendship" bracelets given to him by girls. Guess which one.)

3. I spent a whole week with my darling daughter. We played and talked and went to the beach. It was truly a blessing. She is something else, I tell ya.

4. Thursday was my last day of summer school. So that means I have two weeks off to enjoy the sunshine. (Well, except for the few days I have to go to school to get my room ready for the new school year.)

5. My boys are going to have the teacher they wanted next year. The one who goes on field trips. The one who doesn't lecture. The one who they've both had before. The one who happens to be my friend.

6. We are getting a new family member this week. My new nephew's birthday is Friday. I can hardly wait! My sister grows really cute babies. I just wonder if he has any hair? :)

7. We are having lunch at my parent's house today and celebrating my brother-in-law's birthday. He's chosen salmon for his birthday meal. And if you have ever tasted my dad's grilled salmon, you know it'll be like it's all our birthdays!

8. It's Sunday! May you be blessed today, too!

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Ada said...

1. nice work AR.
2. it was all fun and games unti Aid decided he wanted to go next year. Dang it.
3. she is the sweetest!!!
4. yahoooooooo!
5. yay for great bff's who happen to be teachers.
6. Oh, Friday please hurry.
7 I was so happy he picked salmon. Dad does it better than anyone. Yum!!!
8. blessed sunday