Thursday, September 08, 2011

10 Things Thursday

10 things all kindergartners should be able to do coming into my class* (but sometimes don't):

1. recognize their name when written
2. sing the ABC's
3. recognize most of the basic colors
4. count to 10
5. recognize the basic shapes
6. hold a crayon or pencil correctly (or at least close to correctly)
7. put on their shoes (I'll do the tying for a while.)
8. go to the bathroom by themselves
9. know the difference between snack and lunch (Sandwiches are lunch. Goldfish crackers are snack.)
10. sit still for at least 15 seconds

*If they don't know these things I can teach them. It'd just be nice if I didn't have to.


Alyson said...

Hey! Lily is ready for kindergarten. As long as the shoes have velcro and not laces. And I suppose she *can* use the potty by herself, but I try not to encourage it... I like to be there for the whole wiping process. And snack/lunch/dinner really all the same in her mind. But she's good with rules, so as long as I specify, she'd be fine. Ok, maybe she's not *quite* ready yet. 15 seconds IS a super duper long time!

Jen said...

Alyson, You know I'd take Lily in a minute! Julianna would be thrilled!