Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What We Do

Oh, what we do for our children. Sunday I took Adam to Silverwood. All three kids earned passes in the reading program at school last year, but Josh didn't want to go (I know, weird.) and Arrty didn't care either way. So I left Jules at home with him (even though I wanted to take her) to save us the price of admission for one adult and so that I could go on the rides with Adam. And boy did we ride! He loves all the rides and especially the roller coasters. So I went on all the roller coasters (except the Aftershock which Adam rode ALONE!) and lots of other rides. I got soaked on the bumper boats and log ride. I got dizzy on the Trabant. I got bored on the Ferris wheel. I got nervous before the roller coasters and was hoarse afterward from screaming the whole time. And yet I did it. Why, you ask? Because my baby wanted me to. I think even he was surprised that I did everything he wanted to do. But that's what mommies do sometimes. We do things we might not want to do so much just to be with our kids and make them happy.

When we walked through the front gates I declared Adam the boss for the day. He was in charge and I think he liked it. We went where he wanted. We ate what he wanted. We rode every ride he wanted to. I didn't complain or "suggest" or "guide." I just followed. Adam doesn't often have times like that. Being the middle child between two strong willed siblings isn't always easy. But for one day he made the rules. And what a day it was. One filled with fun and laughter and memories. At the end of the day he thanked me and said he really liked that it was just the two of us. So did I, Adam. So did I.

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Ada said...

I love this.
I'm so proud of you. I love my kids a lot but I don't know if I would do the roller coaster thing. Yay you, Jen!
I love that Adam was the boss for the day...I bet he loved it. What a special time for just the two of you. Doesn't happen very often.

Great post, sis.