Monday, September 05, 2011


The classroom is ready. Name tags placed. Posters up. Desk cleaned. Door decorated. Papers torn out. Lesson plans memorized. Everything is ready. Except for the teacher. She wants one more week of summer. Just one week when she can lie on the beach or read a book or play with her kids. One more week to enjoy every minute of the sunshine and warmth. Just one more. No? How about one more day? Just one more day to breathe in summer. No? Not even one more day? Okay then. In that case I'm off to make lunches and lay out school clothes for tomorrow. Tomorrow? Are you sure school starts tomorrow?


Katrina said...

I feel the same way. Are you sure this summer wasn't somehow scientifically accelerated? I'm willing to entertain theories.

Ada said...

it will be christmas before you know it.