Monday, November 21, 2011

Breaking Dawn

Yes. The title of this post is referring to the latest installment of the Twilight movies. I saw it yesterday afternoon with two of my Twilight pals. We are not those silly kind of fans who wait in line for days and see the midnight showing on opening night. (Although we know some of those.) We are those silly kind of fans who at least wait until Sunday of opening weekend. The funny thing is, I've read the books. I know what's going to happen. There's really no big surprises in the movies. Especially at this point with this being the 4th movie in the series. Bella is going to be angsty and awkward. Edward is going to have great hair and be charming in a teenage vampire sort of way. Jacob is going to be angry...and shirtless. And the plot is the same as the book. Human bride/vampire groom wedding. Some sort of weird, time warped pregnancy. Wolves growling. Crazy baby name. Disgusting birth scene of half human-half vampire baby. It's all in the book and all in the movie. But I went to see it anyway. "Why?" you might ask. Well, these movies are just so bad that they're good. They will never win any Oscars. But they are fun. Just pure fun for anyone with an open mind to the ridiculous. And I guess that fits me.

So here are my thoughts about the major scenes in the movie.

The wedding scene. Nervous bride. Smiling groom. Unsure father of the bride. Human and vampire wedding guests. (Including a cameo by author Stephanie Meyer.) Lovely dress. Sincere vows. Romantic kiss. It was sweet.
The wedding toasts. Emmett...umm, are you sure you want to give him the mike? hilariously protective. Renee...really, lullabies? sweet with his promises of love...forever.
The honeymoon. I loved that the bride and groom were nervous on their wedding night. It was so refreshing to see two teenagers in a movie who were nervous about the whole consummation thing and who knew it was a big deal and took it seriously. And if you've read the book, you know that vampire/human relations are not, ummm, normal. The broken furniture and flying feathers were hilarious.
The wolves. It's no secret that I am a wolf girl. The vampires are nice and all. But, come on, you have to admit the wolves are more fun. They laugh and play and howl at the moon. The scene where they are reading each others thoughts but we can hear is so very cheesy and great. The whole mysticism part of the book was well portrayed, I thought. So compared to other movies with mind reading werewolves, it was really good.
The pregnancy. So creepy. So gut wrenching. So weird. So good. And drinking blood through a straw out of a Styrofoam cup with a lid. Priceless.
The names. E.J. for Edward Jacob if it's a boy. Okay. I get that one. But I loved that they kind of make a joke of the whole Renesme thing. The look on Jacob's face when they tell him is perfect. He's thinking what we all were when we read it in the book. Really? Renesme? Really?
The delivery. Okay. It's disturbing to say the least. I won't go into details for fear of spoiling it for those who plan to see the movie. But be prepared to groan and look away for at least a part of it. And plug your ears if you can.
The baby. She's cute. After she's cleaned up a little. But please, call her Nessie.
The imprinting. Jacob imprinting on Nessie is very interesting. I know the whole subject has caused a lot of controversy, but I liked how they showed it in the movie. It was less creepy than it could have been.
The change. We all know that Bella becomes a vampire. But watching the change is kind of fascinating. This is one scene where having read the book changes things. You know that she is feeling what they all felt as they changed to vampires...excruciating pain. And yet she is lying there motionless, controlling her screaming so that she doesn't upset Edward. Such a Bella thing to do. The movie doesn't go into that and you'd miss the importance if you didn't go in knowing it.
The final shot. Unexpected. And pretty much perfect.

So there it is. I am slightly embarrassed to say that 1) I paid (matinee price) to see this movie and 2) I not only admitted it on the world-wide web, but spent more minutes of my life that I will never get back writing about it. But it made me happy. It gave me two hours of uninterrupted silliness in an otherwise mostly serious life. And, if you must know, I'll even buy it on dvd when it comes out so that I have the whole collection. You can come over and we'll have a Twilight marathon. Come on. You know you want to.


Jen said...
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Ada said...

So I couldn't read it all because I haven't seen it. I read some and it made me so excited. Yay!
When I do...we shall discuss in detail.

ps...that deleted comment was me. I posted it under you and that would be weird if you wrote a post about a movie and your comment said you hadn't seen it. hee hee

Jen said...

Ada, I didn't say anything that's not in the book. But we will definetly have to discuss after you see it.

Alyson said...

So yeah I had to not watch the blood drinking. I mean, you kind of expect vampires to drink blood since that's their whole deal. But it's TOTALLY different when it's coming out of a Styrofoam cup! Oh, and when you're not quite a vampire... yet. Also, the wolf telepathy scene almost made me laugh. I restrained myself for fear of being mauled by angry tweens, but it was pretty cheesy :)

kathy said...

1) i didn't pay because i had a free ticket. but i would have.
2) team charlie. what a guy.
3) where did the cullens come up with a styrofoam cup? that was the most ridiculous thing in the movie. and if you're going to have a styrofoam cup, please use a straw that you can't see through, either.
4) if you leave the theater before the VERY end, you miss something. something kind of important.

Jen said...

Alyson, I DID laugh out loud during the wolf scene. And leaned over to Kathy and made some kind of remark about the cheesiness.

Kathy, 1)How come I had to pay to see the movie and then pay for the popcorn and pop, too? Next time, I'll go get the seats and you wait in the snack line. :) 2)I love Charlie, too. He's such a good dad in a dorky dad kind of way. 3)Obviously one of the Cullens ran out to some fast food place to get the styrofoam cup. They're really fast, remember. And the cup was in the book. It supposedly made it easier for Bella to drink the blood. I don't buy it. 4)Those darn Volturi always causing trouble.

kathy said...

actually i did have to pay. just not that day, the ticket was already purchased. and the treats are on me for part 2. remind me, okay?

Jen said...

Kathy, you know I like to buy the popcorn so that I can take the refill home to my family. You can bring, umm, I mean buy at the theater, the candy. :)

kathy said...

see? there you go being nice and the fact that i was being snarky and part 2 comes out a year from now went right past you. or maybe it didn't and you're just trying to make me look worse. yeah, that's probably it.

Katrina said...

Great summary of the movie, and pretty much the same things I was thinking! I also had a laugh out loud moment during the movie, but it was when Bella was checking out her "baby bump" in the mirror at the villa, and I was thinking inside, "What are you even looking at? There's NOTHING there!" Snort.

I think you should make Kathy buy the popcorn AND let you take the refill home to your family.