Monday, November 14, 2011


Josh and Adam loved stuffed animals when they were little. They collected easily a hundred each over the years and most of those slept in their beds for many years. Whenever I would ask them the names of some of their furry friends they would usually say something like "Brown Dog" or "Spots" or "Hippo." Nothing too creative, but perfect for them. So having Julianna is totally different. For a while she named every animal and baby "Sally." Then there was a "Sarah" and an "Abby" after her cousin. And just the other day I asked her what she'd named her fuzzy, pink rabbit. She looked at me without hesitation and said, "Bunnyster Daisy." Well, now that's a name. I can't wait to see what she comes up with for her new found panda.

Speaking of stuffed animals, since the boys were born they've gotten a stuffed animal in their Christmas stocking. A couple of years ago I'd decided that they were too old for another animal. But then I overheard them discussing what kind of animal they might get in their stocking that year. Needless to say, I went out on Christmas Eve and bought two stuffed animals. So my question is this. Should I ask them this year if they are too old for stuffed animals or should I just put them in the stockings and wait for them to tell me when they are too old?


Alyson said...

Ok, here's my official opinion (since you asked). I say keep doing it as looooong as possible. Even when they are too old, and even when they might roll their eyes just a little, they'll still actually LOVE it because it's a tradition between you and them. There were probably things I did with my family into college that I was "too old" for but I liked it just because it was part of my family. And they seem the sentimental sort who like that kind of connection. :)

Ada said...

Amen Alyson. :)
Do not stop any tradition that you have started!!!! I think it is the sweetest. One of those stuffed animals will probably get thrown into his bag for college one day and then you will be so glad you didn't quit.
I love it. It's like getting jams for Christmas Eve. Are we too old? Perhaps. Do I ever want it to stop? NOOOOOOO!

Linda B said...

You're never too old for stuffed animals!