Monday, July 23, 2012

Lake Pend Orielle Adventure...In Pictures

As soon as we got out of the car, Jules got into the water. She tucked her dress into her shorts and went for it.

Check out the view behind the swimming cutie.

More of the gorgeous view of the Blue Monarch Mountain Range.

Adam and Pappy discussing fishing plans.

Jules telling Grams a story.
(Poor mom had carpel tunnel surgery last week. She's been one handed since. Funny, though. She does more one handed than most people do with two.)

Pappy took Jules and I on a boat ride Friday morning. She got to drive. She kind of loved it!
We saw this castle above the lake. It is crazy big and fancy. Who lives there?

View from the boat.

Jules fishing for the first time. Pappy is a great teacher!
The pole weighs as much as her, but she had to do it all by herself anyways.

Jules first catch!!

I saw this on the privately owned island in the middle of the lake. Dad told me it was how they said "no trespassing" in the days before printed signs.

The island from afar.

The island from up close. Can you imagine owning an island?! Even a small one. Too cool!

Then we saw this! It is another castle. It looks so authentic. There's a rock wall all the way around the front and the whole thing looks like it's made of stone. There's even a tower in the back for the damsel in distress.

Again. Who builds this in North Idaho?! I would really love a tour!

Back to camp after the boat ride and fishing. Jules was looking for "special rocks."

Here are the "special rocks" she found at the boat launch.
And here are the "special rocks" she found by the dock. I'm pretty sure all of these came home with us.

Then the storm blew in. It was crazy! One-handed mom and I had to take down the shade canopy and try to save the tent in gale force winds. Then we watched as the boat crashed against the dock over and over. Luckily all the damage was cosmetic. It was a little scary for a while there.
The aftermath of the storm. Everything was soaked. Including the campers.

But mostly it was like this. Now where else can you see a view like this. And we get to live here!

Apparently collecting rocks is tiring work.

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