Thursday, April 08, 2010

10 Things Thursday (Plus one little Adam story)

Julianna has started taking her socks and shoes off every time we get in the car. I don't really blame her. I'd never wear shoes if I didn't have to. But yesterday on the way home, she took them off and Adam started saying, "This little piggy went to market. This little piggy stayed home..." "Aww," I thought, "How sweet." He continued, "This little piggy ate roast beef. This little piggy got eaten by a wolf." What?!?! "This little piggy got hit by a truck..." Umm, yeah. I'm pretty sure that's not how it goes.

Now on to 10 things...

10 words my kids know that I didn't know at their age.

1. DVD--I was a teenager before my parents even got a VCR. And nobody actually bought movies. They were rentals.
2. DVR--Are you kidding me? You watched it when it was on or you didn't watch it. And you had to sit through the commercials, too.
3. Cell phone--My family was on a party line when I was little. The thought of having your own phone in your pocket would have been very futuristic.
4. Computer--I took typing in high school. Typing. Not keyboarding. And I went through college without the internet. My research was done in the library with a stack of books in front of me.
5. Satellite TV/Cable--We had 4 channels. 4, not 400.
6. Cartoon Network--And on those four channels you could watch cartoons after school for an hour and on Saturday mornings. There were no 24 hour cartoon channels.
7. Gameboy--Our handheld games were paper and a pencil to play tic tac toe or hangman.
8. iPod--Ever heard of a boom box or a Walkman? And there were these little rectangular things called cassettes that you could put in them to listen to your music.
9. Google--There was no googling in the 70s and 80s and even part of the 90s. You can google it.
10. Playdate--Really? You didn't used to have to set up a date. You just played.

What words do your kids know that you didn't?


Alyson said...

So I think Google and MP3 downloads were the most futuristic things I could think of as a kid. I can't tell you how many times I thought, "What if there were a number you could call and ask them any question, and they would KNOW the answer?" Enter Google. And to be able to hear any song you want to at the drop of a hat? Futuristic!!!

I think Lily already knows how to work my iPhone better than I do. It's a whole new world growing up these days!

kathy said...

the last little piggy at our house goes, "wee, wee, wee all the way home because he didn't want to use a public toilet."

how about words WE knew that THEY don't. xanadu.

verification word: pumknepl. definition: those weird little bumps you find on your halloween pumpkin.

Jen said...

Alyson, I would have loved to have had Google in high school. All that information at the touch of a button. It would have helped in doing homework...if I would have done homework, that is.

Kathy, your last little piggy is smart. And other words that my kids don't know: record (as in those big round music things), ironing board, Trapper Keeper, underoos...

Flea said...

Hiii, just found you via Phil's and really enjoyed your blog. I'll pop in more often.
Oh and btw, microwave oven is one of the new generations words. My mum got one once i was already living away from home, we grew up not having one.