Friday, April 23, 2010

Show and Tell

I guess I'm a hillbilly at heart. Here's why. This morning on the way to school, I saw a car with vanity plates that said HIMAINT. "HIM AINT?" Shouldn't it be "HE AINT?" And him ain't what? I just couldn't figure it out. Until I realized that it wasn't HIM AINT, but HI MAINT. Ooohhh. HI MAINT, like high maintanance. Now I get it. Kind of, anyways. Because HI MAINT, I ain't.

Now for Show and Tell...

My Little Pony and a Barbie fairy that can fly...all shared while P. was wearing her Hannah Montana wig that she had convinced all the preschoolers was real.

American Girl doll named Katelyn

stuffed anteater and a bottle (of milk, not ants) to feed said anteater...and a loose tooth.

two Lego cars from McDonald's that can come apart and "will come to pieces if you blast them"

a purple stuffed lamb

two more Barbies

and some other stuff. At this point in the year, I've pretty much seen it all and tend to lose interest after a while.

1 comment:

Me~Kelly said...

ok, i win in the hillybilly category. i read HIMAINT and even after you spelled it out HI MAINT i was still thinking highway maintenance- like the driver was announcing his profession :)