Monday, April 05, 2010


As if coming back to school after spring break wasn't hard enough, it turns out that the day we came back is also the day after Easter. Less than 24 hours after a bunch of 5 year olds have hunted eggs in an adrenaline induced frenzy and consumed enormous amounts of candy. They showed up this morning still buzzing from Peeps and jelly beans. Have you ever seen an ant farm? That's what a kindergarten classroom looks like on a normal day. On a sugar high day, it's like the ants have been eating nothing but, well, Peeps and jelly beans. I'm exhausted. And on top of all that it rained. Now I fully admit that I love a rainy day now and then. Sitting in my rocking chair under a fuzzy blanket reading a good book drinking a cup of tea looking out the window at the rain falling. Nice. But inside recess where my Peeped-up kindergartners are intermingled with older kids who have eaten half their body weight in chocolate? Not nice. Not at all. But tomorrow is a new day. And maybe, just maybe, all the Peeps will be out of their systems.

For more on Peeps, check this out.

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Katrina said...

I love, love, LOVE the phrase "Peeped-up kindergartners". If I'd been drinking anything, I totally would have sprayed it out my nose.