Thursday, May 06, 2010

10 Things Thursday

10 things my students wrote about me in a little book they made to give me today as part of teacher appreciation week at our school...

1. She lets us have free time.
2. She teaches us to count to 100.
3. She teaches us our numbers.
4. She's very nice.
5. She has cool toys in her classroom.
6. She's a good teacher.
7. She teaches us good stuff.
8. She lets us bring toys for show and tell.
9. She doesn't yell.

(So that's only 9 things. But that's all there was. Someone must have been absent the day they did the project.)


kathy said...

10. She brings us iced tea, Diet Cokes, and frozen lattes.

marci said...

Let me clarify that Kathy is talking about herself. Jen does not bring iced tea, Diet Cokes, and frozen lattes to her kindergarteners.

Jen said...

Kathy, thanks for a #10. I didn't want to make up my own.

Marci, thanks for clarifying. Because all of those things contain sugar and/or caffeine and would NEVER be given to kindergartners by me! At least not until right before they go home. :)