Monday, May 03, 2010


I totally missed Blessed Sunday yesterday because I was so busy enjoying my family and reading a great book. I didn't even think about it once. That is a blessing.

Our dog, who is a huge chocolate lab, is a great guard dog. He barks his big bark at moose and deer and horses and people walking by and any car that pulls in the driveway. But he is afraid of wind. And this morning at 4:00 he reminded us. He barked until we got up and turned on the light and then whined until Arrty went outside and checked on him. How can a 125 pound monster like him be afraid of the wind?

On my desk sits a pot of miniature roses. It's from my dad. I smile every time I look at it.

This week is teacher appreciation week. That means for the next five days, we will be spoiled by the PTO. Today was a breakfast of muffins and fresh fruit and free drinks at Dutch Bros. Be sure to say thank you to any teachers in your life.

Our auction Friday night was a big success. We surpassed our goal by over $3,000! And we won the bed we wanted for Julianna! And a pet package that came with a certificate for a free puppy adoption at the humane society. One stipulation on said puppy.* It must NOT be afraid of wind.

Have I mentioned lately how extremely adorable my daughter is? Well, she is!

And have I mentioned lately how quickly my sons are growing? Well, they are!

*We have not yet decided if and when we will adopt a puppy. I'm not much of a dog person, but my family is. And how cute would pictures of Jules and a puppy be?!


Alyson said...

YOU WON A PUPPY!!?? That is the most exciting thing ever. I am a dog lover, so that just makes me happy. Do you think you would get another big outdoor dog, or a smaller indoor dog? I know you may not get it, but I'm still excited for you. And I'm excited that you guys won the bed. We were hoping you would!

Jen said...

It is exciting, isn't it? We haven't told the boys yet because they wouldn't be able to wait. I'd like to get a smaller dog this time. But still an outside dog.