Thursday, May 13, 2010

10 Things Thursday

10 things you should not send to school with a kindergartner (or any kid, really)...

1. Full size candy bars for snack. Unless, of course, you send two and one of them is for me. Preferably 3 Musketeers or Snickers.
2. Soda...of any kind or size. Not even if you send an extra one for me. Not even if it's Diet Coke.
3. Money. They do not understand money. They play with money. It will get lost/torn/given away/"borrowed."
4. Anything fragile. It has about a 90% chance of getting broken.
5. Heirlooms. Please do not make me responsible for grandads antique watch in the hands of a 5 year old.
6. Books from public libraries. They will get mixed with our classroom library and I will not pay the fine when they are overdue.
7. Un-child friendly movies to watch at rest time. I will not show Grease. I love Grease. But I will not have a bunch of kindergartners singing Greased Lightening on the playground. Or "Look at me I'm Sandra Dee, lousy with virginity." Not good.
8. Jewelery. Beaded necklaces and bracelets will come home in a plastic baggie because the string will get broken. It will. Take my word for it.
9. Costco sized cupcakes for birthdays. Regular sized cupcakes are fine. Mini-cupcakes are perfect. But cupcakes the size of a kindergartners head? Not acceptable.
10. Black widows in mason jars for show and tell. Yes, I have had a black widow in a mason jar brought in for show and tell. DO NOT let your kid bring a black widow in a mason jar for show and tell.


kathy said...

11. a fifth of vodka. yes,i've had one come to class. but to be fair, it wasn't for show and tell. it was for lunch.

Ada said...

I hope Kathy is kidding. What kind of school are you running there? :)

#1 & #2 I don't like when I'm counting calories and running my butt off and you post about food. Just so you know.

#6 I feel like this is a story I need to hear.

#7 Get out! Want to borrow Rent or Shag? ha haaa haaaahaaaa.

#9 Once again, the dang food.

kathy said...

not kidding. a rather shocking discovery. one more time during my first year of teaching when i wandered in a confused state of mind to shari and said, "ummm, what do i do about this?"

Alyson said...

Funny post! I like it. And disturbing story, Kathy!

So the only problem is that you got the song "Look at me I'm Sandra Dee" stuck in my head and I was singing it up until Lily said, "What Mommy singing? Lily sing too." Oh yeah, that's why we don't watch Grease with our very small children! :)

Jen said...

Kathy, you win.

Ada, sorry about mentioning candy bars and soda and cupcakes. :) About #6, there have been lost books, but no one really asked me to pay their fines. But I wouldn't be surprised if they did. And yes, I do want to borrow Rent and Shag. But not for school. Just for me.

Kathy, What did Shari say?

Alyson, sorry about the song. But if it makes you feel any better, now it's stuck in my head again.