Thursday, May 20, 2010

10 Things Thursday

Monday night for Bible study, we had game night. We played Balderdash. The game where everyone makes up definitions for word/initials/famous people and then tries to guess the real one. Here are the 10 words we had. I am giving you three choices. One is the real definition, one is the one I made up, and one is from someone else in our group. See how many you can get. Answers are at the bottom so don't scroll down too far until you're ready.

1. S.W.R.
a) South Western Railroad
b) Secret Warehouse of Robots
c) Sons of the Whiskey Rebellion

2. pandiculation
a) when a pandemic goes from regional to worldwide
b) echoing within a concert hall
c) stretching and yawning

3. quockerwodger
a) main support beam for the mast of a sailing vessel
b) a small duck-like bird found only in New Zealand
c) a wooden puppet on a string

4. scopulate
a) scanning the stars with a high powered telescope
b) the act of tuning a cello
c) shaped like a broom

5. zoosemiotics
a) the study of animals in motion
b) the study of the biology and physiology of earthworms
c) the science of animal conversation

6. ichneumon
a) an air breathing fish
b) the study of bird songs
c) an Egyptian mongoose which sucks crocodile eggs

7. N.H.F.
a) National Horticulture Foundation
b) National Health Foundation
c) National Headache Foundation

8. R.S.T.C.
a) Royal Society of Training Charioteers
b) Regional Student Tetherball Championship
c) Recreational Scuba Training Council

9. Frieda Carter
a) the only woman to ever stand on her head while playing the accordion and smoking a cigar
b) inventor of the disposable diaper in 1948
c) inventor of miniature golf

10. E.T.C.
a) Energy Training Council
b) English Theatrical Company
c) European Tea Committee

My answers were all b. (Except for #2 which is Arrty's and was better than mine. And #7 which is also Arrty's since I was the one with the card and the real answer that round.)

And the real answers are all c. How many did you get? And how many times did I trick you?


kathy said...

i got five right, you tricked me 3 times and someone else twice. however, there were two that i don't know if i would have gotten right or not if you hadn't told me. you and arrty may each have tricked me with two and four. i don't play that game because i think it's wrong to lie.

Katrina said...

I got five right (1-4 and 8). I picked your answer for 9 and 10. Arrty suckered me on 5 and 6. And I picked a for 7.

I thought answer (a) was extremely clever on #6--way to dig into the etymology!