Thursday, March 31, 2011

10 Things Thursday

10 things about Chuck E. Cheese.

1. It is a perfect reward for potty training. Jules has been saying for days, "Chuck E. Cheese, here we come!" every time she went to the bathroom. They even have a "potty perfect" calendar on the website that can help you keep track of success. And the "perfect pottier" gets 10 free tokens once it's filled in.
2. Julianna loves the games and rides. And it's great because each costs one token. No worrying about her not knowing how many tokens to put in.
3. The boys still like to go. There are plenty of games to keep them entertained for a few hours, too.
4. Chuck E. is scary. Not to me. I know he's just some kid in a giant mouse costume. But Julianna doesn't want to get "too close." At least she doesn't still hide in the seat behind me every time he's near.
5. The food's not bad. It's not gourmet pizza by any means, but it's edible. And the salad bar is pretty good.
6. They changed from Coke to Pepsi products. Which doesn't really matter to me. I'll drink either. But some people I know are not happy about the change. Not happy at all.
7. Sam rocks. Sam is the octogenarian owner of the two Chuck E. Cheese's franchises in Spokane. He's there almost every time we are and walks around and talks to as many customers as he can. He really wants everyone to be happy and have fun.
8. This is not allowed. Who would have thought that the sweet, little girl would be the one to get us into trouble? (And yes, I took pictures before I got her down.)
9. Some kids are just not as well mannered as ours. It takes one mean mother to put some kids in their place. (I was not that mean mother, by the way.)
10. It's a great place to take pictures.


Anonymous said...

dang it! he MADE me use my teacher voice during spring break, the little s-s-smart aleck.

funny you should follow up the baby girl practically getting you kicked out with that other kid.

Jen said...

Kath...I mean Anonymous, the teacher voice is like a super power. He brought his dad to the game with him after that and even he wouldn't mess with The Teacher.

Yeah, out of the five children that follow us around, she should be the least likely to get us kicked out. But you know the reputation the girls in our family have for starting riots in the most unlikely of places.