Friday, March 04, 2011

Show and Tell

"These are my spy goggles and they're very special and I got it for Christmas and that's it."

A doll from the Bahamas that grandma brought K. back from a trip. (Very cute fabric doll with brown skin and braids. Today's cutest show and tell.)

"This is my Barbie and "Mike." She's very special and she's really special and they do this (wildly shakes poor Barbie upside down). And I love them very much."* (Histories most adorable show and teller.)

Lego house that was just built during free time. And believe it or not, "It's very special."

Glass ornament from China where the picture is painted on the inside of the glass ball through a tiny whole in the bottom. (Today's coolest show and tell.)

A white teddy bear holding a red heart that A. got from her mom for Valentine's Day.

"This is my soccer trophy and it's very special and I like it very much and it has a gold star on it and soccer things on the middle and I won it from soccer since I was the best."

Mummy Match game where "you roll the dice once you set it up then you put all the cards upside down and you flip them up and if you see the same letter and it's the same color you get to roll the dice."

Cell phone that's "dead" from M.'s big sister "and you can call people and text people. I can read a lot, like a thousand times a whole book. Like 10 books with 11 pages. And I like my phone a lot and I wish I had a real one so I could call someone. And that's it."

*This was Julianna's first show and tell. And yes, she calls Ken "Mike." Not sure why. Can you tell that she learned how to "show and tell" from kindergartners?


Katrina said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JEN!!! *applauds wildly and throws her arms around like Kermit the Frog introducing The Muppet Show*

Also, I think "Mike" is much cooler name than "Ken", although, truth be told, I'd prefer "Bubba".

Ada said...

Um, I just want to know where in the world she got a Ken doll.

We were def not allowed to have Ken dolls. I had to cut the hair on my old Barbies to make boys.

I'm in shock.

kathy said...

my comment disappeared when i tried to post it. perhaps it is for the best.

Jen said...

Katrina, thanks. One of the best gifts of the day was seeing you SMILING!

Ada, Target. Clearance. $2.50 for Barbie AND Ken. The only bad thing is, when we play I always have to be Mike. I mean Ken.

Kathy, you're probably right. Actually, since I can read your mind, I know you're right.