Thursday, January 03, 2013

10 Things Thursday

10 things I got for Christmas.

1. Boots from my dad on our pre-Christmas shopping trip. I love them. I have wanted some like them for a long time, but never bought them for myself. They are my new favorite least until sandal time.
2. Silverware from mom (and dad). The silverware we had been using was a wedding gift, I think. We were down to five forks after all these years. And there are five of us. So I had to wash forks after every meal. Or plan meals that didn't need forks.
3. Cups. Which doesn't sound so exciting, but they are my favorite kind of cups with lids and straws. I use one every day to take ice water to school. And since two of mine have disappeared (NOT to Arrty's office), I needed a few more. One was filled with socks and one had a TJ Maxx gift card in it.
4. CDs. Three lovely, thoughtful, mixed cds from my sweet sister. One is titled "to chill to." One is "to sing to." And one is "to move to." I love them all. They make me smile...and chill...and sing...and move.
5. Brave. The movie. Not the adjective. Although it is both my favorite animated movie and my favorite adjective.
6. A mug. With lots of big words that I had to look up on It is perfect for tea and hot chocolate. I love it and the person who gave it to me.
7. A journal with butterflies on the front. Just perfect for lists and reminders and book ideas.
8. Fuzzy, polka dot socks. Which are comfy and warm and make my feet happy.
9. A romance novel. That I picked out for myself when I couldn't find "The Life of Pi." I read it Christmas week. Let's just say I should have waited for "The Life of Pi." It was terrible. Just terrible. And still I read the whole thing.
10. Another book that will most certainly be better than "The Christmas Bride" and a Hastings gift card. With which I will buy "The Life of Pi."

Bonus: Adam gave me a fuzzy, gray blanket that he got as his gift at the youth group Christmas party. It was so sweet of him to pass it on to me since he knows how much I love a nice, soft blanket.

I also got a big, red mixing bowl, a cupcake carrier, chocolates, pens, pajamas, movie tickets, a monkey cup, homemade fudge, a calendar, chocolate covered graham crackers, a brush, a Texas Roadhouse gift card, a Dutch Bros. gift card, a cupcake ornament, a beverage warmer, Diet Coke and Oreos, and probably more that have been used, put away or eaten.

I'm very blessed and a little spoiled.


Katrina said...

This post need pictures! :D (I especially want to see your boots! I'm dying to get a pair of cowboy boots.)

kathy said...

39,288. That's how many pages views you have. Wow.

Ada said...

her boots are stinking cute.

i feel like kathy has stalking tendencies. no? :)

i love the list. you got some good stuff.