Sunday, January 06, 2013

Blessed Sunday

Over the past two days I have been blessed to spend time with some of the sweetest, cutest, snuggliest babies in town. Yesterday I was able to play and snuggle with my sweet nephew, Asher. He is such a wonderful little guy. He smiles and laughs and giggles almost all the time. He is funny and talkative and adorable. He sat with me and we read and sang and discussed all the wonderful things outside while watching the other kids play in the snow. And for a few sweet moments, he snuggled on my lap and slept. What a sweet face he has! I love him all to pieces and treasure all the baby moments with him since he's the last baby in our family for a while.

Then this morning during church services I was asked to watch the babies in the nursery. There were six little ones to enjoy. They were all so good and we had lots of fun playing and emptying out all the toy boxes in the whole nursery. They are all very special babies with very special families.

So here's what I discovered from all the baby time I enjoyed this weekend: I'm glad they went home with their mommies and not me. I am done with babies. And although I love them and loved every minute spent with them, I am glad to not have to change their diapers and get up with them at night and follow them around with a broom and a handful of baby wipes. Baby-ness is wonderful and I will always be grateful for my time of mommying babies. But those days are over for me. And I can finally say that that's okay. It took a long time for me to be okay with it. But I am. I really am. I'll just love on other people's babies and then smile as I hand them back to their mommies as soon as they start crying or stinking. Now that's what I call blessed.


Ada said...

Could it be that I complained the whole time we were together yesterday about how I am exhausted and Asher Man is on a mission to drive me crazy.

And in case you ever start to change your mind just let me know. Asher is a *REALLY* good bebe.

Jen said...

If I were to change my mind, I'd take him for sure. If I did. Which I won't.