Thursday, January 24, 2013

10 things Thursday

10 of my favorite things from today.

1. Hugging on my favorite niece in the hall at school.
2. Laughing multiple times in chapel.
3. Discovering a new way to get my kindergartners to work quietly.
4. Answering the question about why my afternoon class was eating suckers with the reply, "Because I gave them suckers."
5. Making Kathy hiss "shut up" at me.
6. Hearing Patty's story about her call from the mayor.
7. Seeing how excited my kindergartners got about the new seating chart.
8. Tacos for dinner...even if I did have to cook.
9. Quiet reading time.
10. Bedtime.

(9 & 10 are still to come... but I know they'll be on the list.)


Ada said...

1. i love that you get to hug on her. Hooray!!!
2. dang it! i missed a good one.
4. love it!
5. love it more!
6. i need to hear this story!!
8. we had tacos too!
10. well it's 4am and i'm up soooooo....i wish.

Bay Views said...

Would that all teachers have your degree of dedication and enjoyment.