Thursday, January 31, 2013

10 Things Thursday

!0 things about today.

1. I forgot it was Thursday. For some reason I was all mixed up this week about which day it was. Weird.
2. It was my kindergarten class's day to lead chapel, which means two girls lead the Pledge of Allegiance and two boys lead opening and closing prayer. We learned that one of my girls loooves the microphone and one doesn't so much.
3. Another teacher covered my class for a while so that I could go to some local businesses asking for donations for our school's annual fundraising auction. Surprisingly, I didn't hate it as much as I used to. And I discovered a cute little Italian place that I want to try.
4. I got done with my donation list a little early and stopped at Arby's for lunch. All by myself. And sat there and ate. And only felt a tiny bit guilty.
5. After lunch, I graded my afternoon class's spelling pre-tests and was happy that I had two 100%s, two 95%s, and one 90%. I wasn't so happy with the rest. (Note to self: work on spelling more with the struggling ones.)
6. After that we read about industrialism and inventions in the early 19th century. Did you know that in his lifetime, Andrew Carnegie gave away $350 million and John D. Rockefeller gave away $550 million?! Me either.
7. A bird flew into my window on the way to school this morning. It was dark when we were coming home so I'm just going to assume he jumped up and flew away as soon as we were out of sight. And that he had a bunch of little birdie friends hiding on the side of the road waiting to laugh with him about the look on my face.
8. I'm glad it was a bird that hit my car and not the moose we saw earlier this week.
9. The boys and I got haircuts after school. I was thrilled. They were not. Mean mama won't let them be shaggy.
10. Tomorrow is Friday. I know that's not about today, but I just thought I'd throw it out there.

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Ada said...

1. how come that never happens on Fridays? Everyone knows when it is Friday.
2. super cute.
3. don't go. bland food. ;)
6. i've learned a lot from you this week about our history.
7. don't even make me tell the story.
8. yikes me too!
9. your hair looks freaking adorable. i'm sure the boys are handsome too but i didn't see them.
10. see? everyone knows when it is Friday.