Friday, May 18, 2007

Adam D.

My baby turns 6 today. He is quite a character. He is silly and funny and mischievous and charming and lovable and absolutely aggravating. Just when it's time to do something like wash up for dinner or get dressed, he finds some way to make a game out of it. He has always done that from the time he discovered fun. To him, if it's not fun, why do it? Which is a great way to live for a six year old and a great reminder for his sometimes too serious mom. Here are some other things about my wonderful son.

*He loves bugs and one little ant can keep him from getting in the car even when I'm already five minutes late.

*But he's afraid of spiders (I think it's genetic) and they can easily make him squeal like a girl.

*He will only drink strawberry flavored milk and informed me just this morning that I don't need to ask him what kind of milk he wants because he always wants strawberry.

*His favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla and he will order it even at Baskin Robbins.

*He can play outside for hours with just a stick and be perfectly content.

*He loves stuffed animals as much as I did when I was little and has a collection to prove it.

*He doesn't like potatoes and will hardly even eat them french fried.

*He does like carrots and will often choose them over junk food.

*He is a thinker. He asks questions like "Who made God?" and "How can a mommy and daddy choose not to have kids?" (when I was trying to explain why some people don't have kids)

*He chases butterflies in the literal sense and in the figurative sense (meaning that he's not easily distracted once his mind is set on catching that butterfly).

*He collects "puzzle rocks." (You know, those rocks that have been broken apart but can be put back together into their original shape.)

*He believes that all you really need for a good birthday party is cake....

*...but presents are good too and have always made him shake with excitement.

*He loves anything artistic--drawing, painting, play doh, cutting and gluing, etc. And is pretty good at all of them.

*He wants me to lay with him every night at bedtime, but when I do, he scoots as close to the wall as possible so that I don't touch him. I guess just being there is enough.

*He makes me laugh, even when I don't want to. Which makes it nearly impossible to discipline him.

*People say he looks like me. I love that because he is super cute! :)

*He is one of the greatest blessings of my life and will always be my baby.


MarmiteToasty said...

:) What a wonderful post about your son :)...... precious times when they are young.....

I did a birthday post about one of me older lads birthdays back in April.... I could of written pages and pages... but oh my how quick those years fly and slip through our fingers like sand..... enjoy every moment, every precious moment :)


Amy said...

Happy Birthday to your boy!! What a wonderful tribute to him. I think a child full of laughter and fun will have a wonderful life!