Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pressing Answers

Yesterday Adam was watching old Tom and Jerry cartoons when he said, "Mom, did you see that? Jerry had a pie with one of those things that Grandma has at her house in it. You know the thing that she wiggles over the clothes after she sprays them with water. And he threw it at Tom." Spraying? Wiggling? Clothes? "Oh, you mean an iron." "Yeah, mom, that's what it's called."

(For the record, I do have an iron and am almost sure that I have used it in the last 6 1/2 years. It goes with that long surf-board shaped shelf in the laundry room that the detergent sits on.)


Katrina said...

Haha! I'm pretty sure my kids don't know what that thing is called, either. All hail the inventor of wash-and-wear fabrics!

B.R.M said...

I still iron.

Every now and then.

Okay, sometimes. I am "famous" for just ironing a garment on the counter, the floor as we need it.

However when it comes to sewing...
I don't sew at all. (I still have my original Home Ec sewing kit - I got a "C" in sewing - mainly out of pity and effort) I am the reason there are dry cleaners and a seamstress.

What I think is cool? That your son and my son watch the old Tom and Jerry cartoons! Gives me an excuse to watch them.

TN Becky