Friday, February 01, 2008

Show and Tell

*a princess cell phone that talks, of course
*Sam, the stuffed puppy that great-grandma "made" (She apparently lives in China because that's what the tag says.)
*a care bear and a twisty thing that you can make anything with
*a Star Wars ship with "yanders" that help it "yand" when it's done flying
*two little silver hearts that belong to mommy and daddy that are special because they got them when they were kids
*a state quarter collection with only 5 left to get
*a baby doll with a button that only works when you shake her head (with full shaking demonstration) and a purse that contains a tiny pink teddy bear, a baby bottle, a pacifier, and a baby blanket
*a story about when L. lost a tooth and the tooth fairy came and left two dollars and then when she was at her house the tooth fairy went to her grammy's house and left another dollar and a toothbrush on grammy's porch. (L. told a much longer version of the story which also included an aside about a camping trip with grammy and how her papa hunts and killed a deer and about great grandma who lives at the hospital and needed a clock in her room and how her mom took her one and how great grandma comes to their house on holidays.)
*a teddy bear that records what you say and then plays it back
*two very pink My Little Ponies with all kinds of brushes and hair clips

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