Friday, February 29, 2008

Show and Tell

*an 8 year old stuffed rabbit named Rosie who is on a leash because she runs away
*a ziploc baggie with coins and a piece of a broken flashlight
*a blue motorcycle that gets launched off a ramp "that powers it up" and a green motorcycle with a guy that does tricks
*Trixie the wiener dog who "is a little hyper and goes crazy" (and another 5 minutes about how Trixie jumps and barks and licks...)**
*three Barbies with full explanation of hairstyles and fashion
*a fairy statue with colorful wings
*a tooth in a bag that L. lost last night by wiggling it with his tongue. He's going to put it under his pillow tonight and hopes to get a quarter. (complete with explanations about the bag, his name written on the bag, how the tooth fell out, and how many teeth he has left--29)
*a little black purse from Target with a glow in the dark wallet (A glow in the dark purse! What a great idea. You never know when you might need chapstick or a mint during a movie or something.) K. also shared a story about going out to dinner at the "Red Crab" (umm, I think she meant Red Lobster) and having ice cream with chocolate syrup (ooh, ice cream sounds good)
*2 little plastic dinosaurs that T. "likes a lot and that's all"
*a baby doll in a carrier
*a miniature light house that's most fascinating feature is the door

**L. had to call her dad to bring her show and tell because she forgot it at home. She said she couldn't decide if she wanted to bring Trixie or Mrs. Potts. I thought it was two toys and was surprised when Trixie showed up and was alive. Later I asked L., "If that was Trixie, who is Mrs. Potts?" She answered, "Oh, she's the teapot on Beauty and the Beast." Of course she is.


Mariposa said...

Hahaha...cute and funny!

MarmiteToasty said...

:) you so make me smile lol

HAPPY MUVVERS DAY to you dear friend.....


Ada said...

when you say things like Trixie was "alive" it scares me. was it a pet? or a fairy? or a nanny? could you just let me know...

Jen said...

Woah, the parents didn't even ASK about bringing a live animal to the classroom? That's just, wow.

Jen said...

Marmie, You make me smile, too.

Ada, Trixie is a wiener dog. And she was lucky to make it out of my classroom alive after all the kids got a hold of her!

Jen, that was a first. Usually the parents are really good about asking first.