Friday, February 08, 2008

Show and Tell

*a first grade reading book (C. goes to the first grade class for reading group since she is such an advanced reader. Yeah for her!)
*a princess cell phone (I think it was still in M.'s backpack from last week.)
*a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle book (Cowabunga, dude!)
*a completely empty wallet (kinda like mine) :)
*an orange toy motorcycle "with a kickstand"
*a Barbie laptop with learning games (very pink)
*a wallet from Walmart with two zippers holding 16 cents and a "credit card" (issued by the CDA library)
*a handheld Disney Princess game (again, very pink)
*a pink baby blanket
*a remote controlled airplane
*a silver football that can "go in mud, it can go in snow, dirt and water"
*N.'s bags o' show and tell which include a Toy Story car, Darci the rubber chicken (a blog all on her own), a spinosaurus, Woody from Toy Story, a dinosaur guy "that came with a T-Rex but it got broken", a stickosaurus skeleton with removable skin that can "glow up" in the dark, a velociraptor (N's favorite dinosaur) --and from bag #2--a T-Rex, a longneck, another T-Rex that is smaller, another type of T-Rex, another long neck, a brachiosaurus, and a triceratops (After show and tell each week, I give the kids time to play with all the things they have brought. N. informed me that he brought Woody for the velociraptor's lunch and Darci for his dessert! They are meat eaters, after all.)


Katrina said...

It was so considerate of N. to think of packing a lunch for his velociraptor like that. Be proud that you're teaching them those intangible character qualities. ;)

I see your class is helping you gear up for your foray into Pretty Pink Princess!

kathy said...

Pretty Pink Princess Land may be real, however it is heavily guarded by carnivorous dinosaurs, light saber wielding Jedi and a multitude of little green army men.

Jen said...

And as of right now, the testosterone toys are winning at my house. Poor Princess. She doesn't know what she's about to become a part of.

(And Kathy, shouldn't there be a comma after Jedi and before and in your comment?!?) :)

kathy said...

Yes, perhaps there should be, at least according to Katrina, (our mutual friend), because she is, currently, obsessed with all punctuation, especially the comma, and its proper usage: commas, dashes, semi-colons, the little floating commas- excuse me, "apostrophes" is the correct word, I believe. (Now watch how long it takes for either Marci or Katrina to correct the above usage.)

marci said...

As I said before, I endeavor to refrain from editing blogs; however, that's a whole nother story.