Thursday, February 11, 2010

10 Things Thursday

10 things you would find in my class today...

1. cookies--humongous sugar cookies with sprinkles
2. pink cupcakes with pink frosting and decorated with hearts
3. 48 juice pouches, even though there are only 11 students in my class. Busy moms like to send juice pouches.
4. red plates and white and pink napkins which only got used to clean up spills, not wipe faces.
5. more cupcakes, red velvet with cream cheese frosting
6. more cookies, made from cake mix
7. rice crispy treats, pre-packaged, not homemade
8. tons of those little boxes of hearts that say things like "Be Mine" and "True Love" and "Hug Me", which have to be the world's worst candy
9. little valentine cards of all sorts--puppies, princesses, Batman, flowers, Spongebob, Power Rangers, Dora, and even one that was scratch and sniff
10. 11 sugar filled, card giving, candy eating, super excited children

And the 11th thing you would find in my class today is one exhausted teacher.


Alyson said...

If I were you, I think I'd have to find some Tylenol in my room :) Or a masseuse...

Katrina said...

I remember from last year that Valentine's Day started out sweet and ended up a little terrifying. It definitely had the most dangerous student-to-sugar ratio of all the holidays. I imagine most of them passed out when they got home, their little hearts thrumming in their chests like a hummingbird's wings.