Monday, February 22, 2010

Blessed Monday

Josh and Adam went to Oregon with my parents this past weekend to a horse sale. And came home with a new horse. They were so excited about "their" horse. It's a smaller horse than dad's others for the kids to learn to ride on. Out of the five grand kids, he's bound to get at least a few who are horse lovers like him.

They told me all about their trip. What they saw. The auction. Some of the horses. How exciting it was to bid on and win their horse. But what I remember most from their stories was when Josh said about the fun they'd had, "Spending three days with Pappy and Grandma and not laughing is impossible." Don't we all need those people in our lives. The "impossible not to laugh with" people. Those who we know we can count on to add some fun to our lives. Those who make our days and lives happier. Those with whom memories of good times will last a lifetime. My kids are blessed to have that with their beloved grandparents. And that is a blessing to me, too.


kathy said...

what is the horse's name? something silly like "Maybe Daisy"?

Jen said...

Kathy, that sounds like a Kentucky Derby winner's name to me!

Anonymous said...

So true that it is impossible to be with your parents and not laugh.

Nancy S.