Monday, September 13, 2010

1 "Blessed Sunday" + 1 "10 Things Thursday" = 1 Manic Monday

Yesterday I was much too busy to write a Blessed Sunday Post. You see, I was blessed to spend all day at Silverwood Theme Park with my family and Kathy and her boys. So here are 10 things about our day at Silverwood.

1. It was a perfect day for it. 75 and sunny. And a September visit pretty much assures short lines for the rides.
2. The boys had earned their tickets from a reading program at school and we had bought ours at the school auction back in May. (Julianna is still free until she turns 3.)
3. It was great that Kathy and her boys were going on the same day. We met up off and on through the day to go on rides together. All four boys were glad to have buddies to play with, and the parents were glad we didn't have to go on the bumper boats.
4. Speaking of bumper boats, even the best laid strategy for soaking bystanders armed with quarter operated water canons cannot compete with said bystanders and their more powerful weapons. The outcome was four soaked to the bone boys and several thoroughly satisfied bystanders.
5. Magic is magical. I know it's all slight of hand and illusion, but it's still pretty amazing. Even when the audience participant exits his hiding place a little early.
6. There is nothing better than watching the face of a two year old on her first train ride. She loved it. The wind in her hair. The whistle. The train robbery.
7. Yes, I said train robbery. During a little stop on our way around the park, two miners/robbers boarded the train and collected money in bags. (Which is given to local charities.) Even though the show is the same as it's been for years, and the robbers seemed to be new to the gig, the kids liked it. (I think maybe the summer performers are more experienced. These autumn guys weren't quite as...umm...believable.)
8. It's all about the kids. The grown ups went on a few rides, but we mostly followed the kids around to rides and bought them food when they got hungry.
9. Adam got me on Panic Plunge and Timber Terror. He said the best part of the roller coaster ride was hearing me screaming all the way around. Yeah. Real funny.
10. Even though we live less than 5 minutes from the park, we only go once a year. And even though it's lots of fun, I think once a year is just perfect.


Katrina said...

You're so lucky to have a son who will go on roller coasters with you! I'm crossing my fingers that Caleb will be my scream buddy when he gets a little taller. :)

kathy said...

what? you aren't going to talk about how we have the same thoughts going through our heads as we are lifted 140 feet off the ground?

Jen said...

Katrina, it is fun to have one kid who likes the big rides. Arrty and I can take turns going with him.

Kathy, I thought about that and didn't quite know how to say it. I guess I could have just said that we were both hoping that screams were the only thing that "escaped" on the way down.