Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Blessed Sunday--Pet Edition

Last April at our school auction we bought a pet package. It had a huge bag of dog food and a basket of toys and various dog supplies. Also included was a certificate for a free puppy adoption from our local humane society shelter. A puppy? Another puppy? I certainly didn't mention to the boys about the certificate. I would have never heard the end of it. But Arrty and I had been talking about getting a companion for Jake. Even at six years old he likes to wander and find friends to play with. We were thinking that if he had a playmate here, he wouldn't wander so much. So this summer I started checking the shelter website to see what dogs they had available for adoption. Not many puppies come in. Last week there were three chow mix puppies. After a little research and advice from those who know (Kathy and Arrty), I decided that those weren't the dogs we needed for Jake or the kids.* But this week when I checked, there was another puppy available. She was a beagle/border collie mix. Are you kidding me? If I have a favorite breed, those two are on the top of the list. So I called Arrty and he agreed to meet us at the shelter after work to meet her. I still didn't tell the boys what was going on. Just that we were going to town to meet their dad for a surprise. Adam could hardly stand it. "Can we do fun things where we're going?" "Kind of." "Is there food there?" "Ummm, yes." (But not for us.) "Will we like it?" "Yes. Yes, you will." As we turned on the road, there was a sign pointing the way. Josh saw it and said, "Really, mom? Really? Is that really where we're going?" He knew what it was because we got Luke there last year. Then I explained to them about the certificate and that we were going to meet a puppy and see if she could be right for our family. They were beyond excited! All my kids love animals!

Well, the boys and I instantly fell in love. (Julianna was more interested in the kittens.) This puppy was really sweet and friendly and easy going. Through all the activity going on around her, she was pretty calm. I asked a few questions and filled out a bunch of paperwork, and a few minutes later, we were walking out with a new family member.

So, without further ado, meet Piper.

Here she is meeting Jake. He is very patient with her and loves having a new friend.

We were told that she is three months old (although the vet says she's probably closer to 5 months old). She weighs almost 16 pounds. (Jake weighs 95 pounds!) She's been great so far. She's slept in the boys' room since we got her without making a peep all night. She's only had one accident in the house. And she's sweetly put up with Julianna's unending attention. And for me, a newly inducted dog person, she's perfect. Just look at that face.

*The chow puppy that was still at the shelter was super cute and friendly. If you are in the market for a pet, please check the shelter website at to see what pets are available for adoption.


Ada said...

Who are you and what have you done with my sister?

Steve said...

We've decided she's a "Beagollie" (pronounced "By Golly!").

Katrina said...

What a cute fuzzface! She's adorable. Congrats on the addition to your family!

Jen said...

Ada, I must be getting soft in my old age.

Steve, I like it!

Katrina, Thanks. We're all really happy with far. :)