Thursday, September 09, 2010

10 Things Thursday

10 ways school is different this year from last.

1. My class. Obviously. This year I have 8 students and 7 of them are girls. Yes. There is only one boy. He doesn't seem to mind.
2. My classroom. I cleaned a lot and rearranged a little. I like it.
3. The boys are in different classes. Last year they were in the same class since our school has combined grades. Them being separated is a good thing. For everyone.
4. Julianna. She is with my sister until lunch and then with me at school for the afternoon. That's not different. But what is different is that she's no longer the baby who needed me to hold her and rock her and feed her. She's now a little girl who plays and draws and makes things out of play doh.
5. The staff. One of our teachers moved to a new school. It's just not quite the same. We are happy for her, but miss her all the same.
6. My behavior management procedure. Last year I would write or erase stars by the students' names on the white board. This year I have frogs with each child's name. When they misbehave, their frog moves from their lily pad to the time out log. Which means the student has a 5 minute time out at recess. If they misbehave again, their frog moves into a pond. The pond is a 10 minute time out. We'll see how it goes. No frogs have had to jump anywhere yet. (So I make my naughty kids "go jump in the lake." Which isn't as bad as what Kathy does. She makes her naughty kids sit in the "Hole.")
7. My afternoons. I only have 2 or 3 kids who stay with me all day. So I volunteered to teach art to Josh and Adam's classes. I'm looking forward to it. I have some fun ideas.
8. My arrival time. Last year I got to school right on time...or a little after. This year I'm determined to be a few minutes early. So far, so good.
9. This year I won't be helping Kathy with all her extra curricular school fair, auction, book fair, etc. Wait, yes I will. That's not different at all. Besides, if I don't help her, she'll put me in the "Hole."
10. My attitude. I am aiming for excellence. For my students. And for myself.


Katrina said...

Jumping in the lake could be a punishment OR a reward, depending on what season it is.

And if you're a mom, a little time in The Hole sounds pretty good.

By the way, in case you haven't been told lately, you're a good teacher... and a pretty awesome person, too. :)

Ada said...

1. Aid would love it if he was the only boy. Hoo boy!

3. I'm happy for them.

4. Just tell her to stop trying to organize an escape. :)

5. Sad face.

6. I love this idea. LOVE it. I mean, I really love it.

7. dude...i find some rad ideas on all my blog reading. I will send them to you.

8. Not too early, ok? Except for tomorrow...Yard sales! Yard sales! Yard sales!

kathy said...

you have no idea how many kids have asked, nay, BEGGED, to go to The Hole. they love it. i've only had to tell one kid to "get in the hole." it was my kid. no surprise there.

ps- you made me gasp when i read #9, then sigh when i finished reading it.

susan said...

so, tell me about that time out log. what does that look like?

Jen said...

Katrina, You're right, jumping in the lake and sitting in the hole could be fun. We'll just hope the kids don't catch on to that.

Ada, Good luck yard saling. Hope you find some great stuff.

Kathy, Sounds like #9 got just the reaction I was hoping for. But you know I would never break up Kathifer.

Susan, Well, the time out logs look like sticks with little swirlies on them to make them look realistic. The swirlies kind of look like...tadpoles.