Tuesday, September 07, 2010

And so it begins...

Today I woke up to an alarm, changed out of my jammies before breakfast, and wore socks.

School has begun.

Making lunches, laying out school clothes, planning lessons, smelling like play doh and white board markers, reading a million picture books, singing the ABCs way more than should be required of any grown up, cleaning up spilled watercolor water, teaching phonics and numbers and handwriting, giving permission to go to the bathroom, get a drink, and sharpen a pencil, knowing within the first three minutes of the day who will be a "pleasure to have in class," knowing within the first two who will not.

Yes, school has begun. Another year to teach...and to learn.


Katrina said...

Socks? Egad! I draw the line at socks, madam.


(I popped my head in your classroom earlier. It is adorable!)

Allison said...

you will do great! And I agree with Katrina, no socks!

Ada said...

those little people are so very lucky to have you and your sweetness.

hope you have a wonderful year.


Jen said...

Katrina and Allison, You'll be glad to know that I am NOT wearing socks today.

Ada, Thanks. Love you, too.