Friday, September 10, 2010

Show and Tell

The first Friday of the school year = the first show and tell day of the year. Here's what we had today.

A grandma. K.'s grandma was visiting from Indiana and was a fine show and tell. After K. introduced her, she talked to them about how she comes to visit and what they do between visits (talking on the phone, talking on Skype, sending packages). It was very sweet.

Snow. Yes. Snow. A. had a science kit that created a very snow-like substance when he added some white powder to water. It was really cool. Even I thought so.

Pink Princess Bible. From I.'s cubby. Because she forgot to bring anything else.

Stuffed Snow White doll. From a trip to Disneyland. Very cute.

Soccer trophy. Kindergartners are always proud of trophies. It's a show and tell staple.

Blankie. That T. got for her birthday when she was "little."

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