Sunday, May 01, 2011

Blessed Sunday--Easter Weekend

This post is a week late, but it definitely qualifies for Blessed Sunday.

On Saturday our church hosted an Easter egg hunt. Adam and Jules were very excited about it. (Josh chose to go turkey hunting with Pappy instead.) Before we headed out, I painted Jules' fingernails for her. Pink, or course. She loved it. She's trying to show me her nails in this picture.

The two cutest girls at the egg hunt--Jules and Abby.

Jules with one of her eggs. See the pink fingernails!

Jules coloring eggs.

So how many more years do you think I have when all three of my kids actually want to color eggs with me?

Easter at Pappy and Grandma's. Cute girls in pretty Easter dresses.

JoJo and JuJu. She loves this dog and hugs her every chance she gets. Such a patient puppy.

The find at Pappy and Grandma's!

This is what happens when my sister, my pregnant sister, is put in charge of desserts. Yumminess to the extreme.

It was a good weekend. Family, fun, food, and SUNSHINE!


Ada said...

I loooooove the photos of the girls. Oh my. So did Abs. She started yelling "Juuuuulie" and got mad when there were no more. Hee hee.

I also love the dessert picture and wish wish wish I had a bite of any of them right now. Yum.

Super cute sis!

ps. do you think it is possible that your word verification could be the source of an A name? I'm keeping my eyes open just in case.

Jen said...

Ada, Better Than Paul Newman Cake and a tall glass of cold milk. Mmmmm.