Thursday, May 26, 2011

10 Things Thursday

10 things about the Coeur d'Alene High School choir concert I went to on Tuesday.

1. It was certainly not like my choir concerts at CHS circa 1990.
2. Nowhere to be seen were the long, blue choir robes like the ones we wore. (I was assured, however, that they do in fact still wear robes at some of their concerts.)
3. It was "glee-ed" out. Popular music, funky costumes, choreography...
4. There was a lot of Lady Gaga. Now I appreciate talent and I believe that in her way she is talented, but isn't one of her songs enough for any concert other that hers?
5. There were some really good singers. Really good. I guess we had some good singers back in the day, but I didn't appreciate it like I do now.
6. Josh went with me and enjoyed it. He's turning out to be my music buddy.
7. I couldn't help but remember when I was 17 and singing with my high school choir. That was definitely my favorite part of each day and the part I remember best.
8. I also found myself wondering about my children as teenagers. Very daunting for me to think of it. I have a feeling I will be praying a lot. We've given them a good start and I trust that they will make mostly good choices in what they do. But this world isn't always an easy place to live a pure life.
9. Signs on the walls of the high school haven't changed. Still a big sheet of newsprint with one corner torn off painted with bright colors with the last word squished on at the end.
10. I'm old. I'm pretty sure I went to high school with several of the parents of the performers. And they are old. So I guess that makes me old, too. And besides that, only an old person would ever think there's any such thing as too much Gaga.

Bonus: I would not go back to high school for a million dollars. I don't even think I'd teach high school for a million dollars. Okay, maybe for a million I would.


Ada said...

1. concerts circa 1990 were some of the best times of my life circa 1990. I thought you were the coolest and the boys were so stinking cute.
2.the robes should be burned.
4. one is enough. yikes!
8. don't do that...too scary. you have some years and they will be here soon enough.
9. oh, high school students...use a pencil first and then your markers.
10. you are old. hahahaaaaaa

jmkbicycle gut said...

ahh jen monica and i thought that thru the nineties and i look at our boys and how blessed we are. my mantra is love and spend time with your kids now-so they will spend time with you later on!