Thursday, May 05, 2011

10 Things Thursday

10 things about Julianna.

1. She is getting over laryngitis and has a voice that has been described as sounding like a "small, 40 year old man."
2. She describes her voice as "broken."
3. She says words that start with sm and sp like they start with sf--sfile (smile), sfecial (special), sfarkly (sparkly), Sfarties (Smarties). And yes, the boys think that last one is hilarious.
4. She has begun naming her stuffed animals. They are all named Sweetie Pie.
5. She is a girly girl. She likes pink, clothes, and especially shoes. And if the shoes are pink and/or sfarkly, she likes them even more.
6. She is a "very mature 2 year old" according to her Bible class teacher.
7. She is bossy. She is perfectly capable, and more than willing, to keep my kindergartners in line when she joins us in the afternoon.
8. She knows what she wants. As in clothes to wear, food to eat, books to read, and especially shoes to wear.
9. She loves animals and if they are baby animals they are especially loved.
10. She will turn 3 in 26 days. Oh my goodness, how time flies.

1 comment:

Ada said...

1. What's wrong with your face?

3. So do I. I'm getting her some for her birthday. I'm hilarious.

7. And Abby and Lola too. :)

10. How did that happen? Get little, get little!

ps. i never know when you write a new doesn't show on my thingy. I missed this one completely. I will start looking on my own and not relying on said thingy. hee hee

pss. I've decided to start playing that "say whatever comes to your mind first" game with your word verification since they are most certainly nonsensical words.
VWord: emingst
Me: Ernest Hemingway