Thursday, May 19, 2011

10 Things Thursday

10 things that have happened this week.

1. The sun decided to shine two days in a row!
2. I figured out how to get Julianna to wear shoes...only buy sparkly ones.
3. The day came when my kindergartners declared school over by giving me the unmistakable sign of becoming unable to sit still. No more learning. They're done. Which is a great excuse for me to play with them more.
4. We counted how many days of school we have left. 13.
5. Our school administrator is out of town. When the cat's away...
6. We celebrated Adam's birthday with dinner at Outback. He had ribs.
7. I was enlightened on how to buy gifts for tweens. Take the brother shopping with me. He picked out Adam's birthday gifts and they were a big hit. I totally would have bought something else. Thanks, Josh.
8. I played with the dogs and cat out in the sunshine. I love them, but they make me sneeze and itch. Which is why they are outdoor pets.
9. Since visiting Marci's school last weekend, I have been contemplating my classroom for next year. Paint. Ceiling decorations. New library shelves. Comfy chairs. Fewer but better toys. Real art and more kids' art.
10. I've smiled and laughed a lot thanks to all of the above.

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