Saturday, July 03, 2010

10 Things--Weekend Edition

So I went to see Eclipse last night. And I enjoyed it very much. Kathy and I agreed that these silly Twilight movies will never make it on any American classics list, but they are entertaining. And we had fun watching vampires and shape shifting wolves for two hours...and making fun of the cheesiness of it all. And the little girls (well, okay, teenage girls) sitting behind us when they gasped the first time they saw Jacob on the big screen. But before I begin my 10 things, I must say that I know that there are Twilight moms out there who have crushes on Edward or Jacob in some kind of reliving of their teenage selves. I, though, feel only maternal about the whole thing. Or maybe it's a teacher thing. But, I can't help but to think of these characters from a mom point of view. Hoping that Bella makes wise choices. Proud of Edward for at least attempting to do what's right. Admiration for Jacob in handling his new life as a part time wolf. That being said, I am totally a wolf girl. Team Jacob all the way. And here's 10 reasons why.

1. He's warm. I do not like to be cold. Not one little bit.
2. He's soft. Really? Who wants to hug a statue?
3. He's tan. Edward's even more pale than Bella.
4. He has nice eyes. Not weird, and kind of creepy, vegetarian vampire eyes.
5. He's funny. He makes Bella laugh. Edward? Not so much.
6. His family is more fun. They joke and wrestle and enjoy being monsters. Edward's family sulks and complains and tries not to kill humans. (Okay, Emmett and Alice are kind of fun. And Esme is sweet in a vampiry mom kind of way. But Rosalie is not any fun at all.)
7. He can fix cars and motorcycles. That comes in handy when you drive a beat up old pick up like Bella's.
8. He eats. I don't think I could spend too much time with someone who didn't eat. I'd much rather share a pizza with someone than have them sit there and stare at me while I ate it.
9. He imprints. Who wouldn't appreciate someone being so very dedicated and loyal. Werewolves are a girl's best friend, you know.
10. His heart beats. When I lay my head on a chest, I want to hear something. Preferably a heart beating in a soft, warm chest.

So there you have my case for Team Jacob. And yes, I do remember that I am, in fact, a 38 year old mother of three who has been married for longer than Jacob has been alive. But still, I just can't resist a good love story.


kathy said...

"soft" is a relative term. you were watching the same movie i was, right?

Jen said...

Okay, so soft isn't a good word. But he is softer than Edward.