Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Red One!

My family, mostly the boys, have started playing the slug bug game. You know, the one where if you see a Volkswagen Beetle you can say what color it is and hit somebody. (Gently, of course. I would never allow actual violence in my presence.) Well, Julianna has decided to get in on the fun. But she doesn't really get the game. Instead of following the actual rules, she's made up her own. She says, "red one," and hits. In the car. At home. At the movies. At the dinner table. Whenever she feels like playing, she does. No car. Not even anything red. And guess what. She totally gets away with it. Because, well, look at her.

*Thanks to Kathy for the great 4th of July pictures including this one.


Ada said...

I think she just wants an excuse to hit her brothers. :)

Jen said...

Ada, I'm sure she owes them a few anyway.