Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blessed Sunday

I'm not sure how many times my blessed Sunday post has been about Julianna, but I just can't help it. She is a joy. She makes me a better mom and person. If you've ever met her you know why. She is amazing and adorable and funny and smart. She is the sweetest little girl ever and I am truly blessed to say that she is my daughter. The daughter of my heart.

The last few days she has given me more than one occasion to laugh out loud. The first was Friday night. We had gone over to some friends' house for dinner and got home kind of late for her. She fell asleep in the car, which she hardly ever does anymore. When I got her inside I had to change her into jammies. In mid change she looked at me with those blue eyes of hers and said, "I love you soooooooo much." The sooooooo was complimented with closed eyes and shaking head. Oh my goodness. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen in my life. And I told her so and that I love her soooo much, too. I don't know how many times I smiled about that between then and when I went to bed. It was just precious. One of those moments I record in my mind and save for later.

Then Saturday morning we were the first ones up. Jules has taken to sleeping with books in her bed at night so usually she wants to read right away in the mornings. So we were sitting on the couch reading a book about all the things kids do during the day. Get dressed, eat breakfast, play, eat lunch, etc. When we got to the lunch page we were talking about what foods there were pictures of. Yogurt, banana, juice, sandwich, cookies. When she then said, "I love cookies soooooooo much." Turns out she loves cookies as much as she loves me! It was hilarious! I couldn't help but to laugh out loud. And I thought it was just me who merited that kind of love.

She's something else, I tell ya. And I love her all to pieces.

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Ada said...

I totally understand feeling beyond blessed for some things. :)

Jules is the cutest, come on!

I love you more than cookies. Now, ice cream...that is another question. :)